3 steps to fix the dry hair from all that Summer Fun!

Summer is gone, tans are fading, and you’re left with nothing but dry hair and your memories. Follow these 3 changes to your weekly haircare routine to fix that dry hair and be ready for Fall in no time!


Step 1: You may be using a shampoo and conditioner that is right for your hair type, but right now is the time to RECOVER your hair from the damage of chlorine and summer sun. Switching to Biolage Raw Recover Shampoo & Conditioner will help restore your hair making it 15 times stronger through conditioning. You’ll also notice an added shine.


Step 2: Add a weekly hair mask to your end of Summer routine. The Biolage Raw Re-Hab Clay Mask helps to deeply condition stressed hair and helps to rebuild the strength of your hair. Apply to your hair once a week. I like to wash my hair at night, then apply this mask. I leave it on my hair while I sleep. When I wake in the morning I’ll rinse and style as normal.


Step 3: Once a week use the Matrix 3 step Re-Bond system in the shower. Step 1: shampoo with re-bond shampoo, containing citric acid. Step 2: apply pre-conditioner containing maleic acid and leave on for 5 minutes, if extreme damage leave for up to 10. This step ensures the proper balance of strength and cosmetic feel in the hair. Step 3: layer conditioner, containing taurine, on top of step 2 and condition like usual. The ingredients contained in each of the steps work in tandem to restore the bonds of the hair. This 3 step system is the first haircare regimen to actually restore the chemical bonds on the hair

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