Keeping a Tan all Year long!

Summer is over, Fall is here, and Winter is soon upon us! How’s that tan? If its half as bad as mine was then let me help you out! 10 hours before this photo I was as white as my spotted bestie, but thanks to Tanceuticals my tan is back!


4 reasons this is my go to self tanner

  1. The tan itself! This self tanner color is spot on, not orange and looks natural!

  2. The smell! My husband didn't even know I had put a tanner on before bed because it smells so good!!

  3. Its so easy to apply! The glove that comes in the kit makes it so easy to apply the tanning lotion! It glides on super fast and smooth!

  4. It uses natural ingredients that are actually good for your skin!

When I was younger I use to love sunny days and laying out for hours with the “best” tanning products to increase my tan. All that was increasing was my mole count and the risk of skin cancer. Now as I am more worried about wrinkles and my actual health. I still try to enjoy the sun responsibly using sunscreen. Tanceuticals is a great way to give you a beautiful tan all year long and save you from the damage of the sun, along with giving your skin the added moisture that it needs.

More people are diagnosed with skin cancer each year in the U.S. than all other countries combined. Don't become part of the statistics. Make sure you are using sunscreens, checking your moles with a dermatologist, and getting and keeping your tan with a bottle not by worshiping the sun.

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