Making Dry Shampoo work for you

On a daily basis behind the chair I have conversations with my clients about how often they are washing their hair. As they tell me they are washing everyday this look of horror comes across my face. I soon ask them why, to find out that its either just habit, or that their hair gets too oily. The topic of dry shampoo comes up and nine times out of ten I hear " I tried it, it just doesn't work for me". The reason it doesn't work can be one of two things: 1. you weren't using the right dry shampoo for you (yes there is more then one kind of dry shampoo) and 2. you aren't using it correctly.

Hair comes in all types; flat, thin, thick, coarse, just to name a few. Dry shampoo also comes in all types as well to better suit each type of hair. For thin hair you need something lighter and not too wet. This is so your hair won't weigh down and look worse then before you grabbed that bottle of dry shampoo. If you are part of this squad I would recommend Biolage Waterless Clean and Recharge. If you have thin to medium hair I would recommend it's sister dry shampoo Biolage Clean and Full. This product is also light and airy, but it gives you a little extra somethin somethin..and soon will become your best friend.


Next.. where are my medium to thick haired girls at?? I'm right there with you! I can go up to five days on some weeks (thank goodness for dry shampoo and top knots!) For this type of hair, I recommend Miracle Extender by Matrix. This dry shampoo has a little bit more of a wet consistency compared to the two previously mentioned dry shampoos. The best part is that it doesn't leave the hair feeling gritty, and leaves a soft touchable texture.


The last dry shampoo, Matrix Play Back, is probably my main go to dry shampoo for medium to thick hair. I use this on day one or two to add texture to my hair, or on day four to five to suck up the oils my hair has made. It removes the oils without drying out the hair, leaving no residue. All that and not to mention, how cute is this bottle!

FullSizeRender (1).jpg

As I was saying, you can use dry shampoo in more than one way. It can be used to add texture when you have that freshly washed and clean hair. Before there was "texture spray" and "sea salt spray" this was how I added grit into the hair to help make those big braids and full updos!

Now you've found the right dry how do you apply? Start by sectioning throughout your hair and spray. A rule of thumb on how to spray any product is to stay the length of the can away from hair. This will help from getting product build up in one section and disperse evenly. Now that you have sprayed dry shampoo throughout your hair evenly, let it sit and do its job (absorbing up all those oils!) After its gone to work, grab a brush and brush through hair to work product throughout. DO NOT! I repeat... DO NOT use your hands to run the product throughout your hair. The job of a dry shampoo is to remove oils, and that is exactly what is on your hands. All the work of evenly spraying and working the product throughout your hair will be ruined by absorbing the oils from your hands and not your hair. Now that you brushed throughout, STYLE! You are ready for another day without a single drop of regular shampoo! Hurray!

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