Half-up Hairstyles That Don't Involve a Braid

  1. The Knotted Style


Adding knots to styles gives a textured and more edgy look. Things to remember when doing these styles are a good grip cream and bobby pinning into place to prevent the knots from slipping loose.

2. The Pony Flip


When I was a little girl we used to do these all the time but back then we did them on a ponytail. Now, they have made them more intricate and detailed and are doing them as half up styles, pig tails, and updo’s.

  1. Section your hair and secure with a rubber band.

  2. Make a small hole with your fingers in between hair above rubber band.

  3. Pull hair in rubber band through the hole.

  4. Deconstruct and make bigger by pinching and pulling hair until its as loose as you desire.

3. The Bubble Style


Probably the easiest yet most fun style! All you need are little rubber bands and your fingers to pinch and pull and make your bubbles to the size you want them! Tip: wrap hair around each elastic as you are going onto each section.

4. Hair Wrapping Faux Braid

This style involves many elastics and a lot of pinch and pulling, but not a single braid!

  1. Section crown section of hair into an elastic.

  2. Take the remainder of hair for half up style into another pony and tighten with elastic.

  3. Now take top pony and split into around bottom pony and secure with elastic on the other side (leaving second pony hanging through the hole.)

  4. Continue until you have no hair left and secure together with final elastic.

  5. Pinch and pull hair to make a fuller look and mimicking a braid.

5. Twist Half Up Style


Leaving sides of half up style, tease and pin into place crown area, pin into place. Now take each side sections that were left out and twist, pinch and pull. Pin going across and covering pins that held crown into place. This gives a simple yet adorable style perfect for a wedding or even everyday!

6. The Fabric Wrap


Such a simple style and so much fun! Use any fabric you choose to make this look your own! First you with section hair out that you want to be in the half up style. Next, secure with elastic band. Finally wrap with the ribbon or fabric of your choice and BAM! A fun and simple way to dress up your next half up style!