Blue vs. Purple Shampoo

What is the real difference between purple and blue shampoo? Which one is right for you? How to kick brassiness, yellowness and keep your hair looking great between color appointments. All those questions and more answered below.

First thing you want to do is take it back old school, to the color wheel. If you have yellowness in your hair, you need to add the opposite color on the color wheel into it to kick it out. That color is PURPLE. If you have Brass or orange tones the opposite color would be BLUE. Doing this will neutralize your hair and bring it back to the gorgeous color you left the salon with.


Now which products are right for you??

To Reduce Brassy tones I personally use Matrix Brass off shampoo. It tones down unwanted brassy tones by adding a combination of blue and violet tones to hair. You can leave on the hair for longer amounts of time to help add more toning as well. This is recommended for brunettes who have lighten their hair. If used on hair that is exceptionally porous or extremely damaged it can cause over deposit of blue in hair, due to its extreme toning effect. I suggest to alternate this shampoo with a color care shampoo. Using brass off as you see brassiness in your hair. If you need even more toning the brass off hair mask if heavily, and I mean heavily, pigmented. The kind of heavy pigment that you will want to wear gloves with to help from leaving your hands blue. It works amazingly and is perfect for an added boost!

If you are blonde, you are most likely seeing yellow tones in your hair and will need a different shampoo. My favorite is So Silver by none other than Matrix of course. This shampoo will help get rid of those unwanted yellow tones. Helping tone yellow to grey hair, highlights to solid. Its a great shampoo and just came out with its own mask to tag team with as well!


The third, but certainly not last purple shampoo I would recommend is by Biolage. The new ColorLast Purple Shampoo. This shampoo helps brass and yellow tones, giving 2.5x smoother hair and helps fight 3x less breakage. Vegan formula, paraben free and delivering soft silky hair it is sure to give you everything you’ve been wanting in a shampoo!


Any of these shampoos are great color care shampoos and help your hair look salon professional between visits. Let me know which one you try! I always love to hear how much everyone loves these shampoos! Be sure to shop below. Ulta is the only store Matrix recommends buying their products from, outside of professional salons of course!

Xo, Amanda Warren