Blue vs. Purple Shampoo

What is the real difference between purple and blue shampoo? Which one is right for you? How to kick brassiness, yellowness and keep your hair looking great between color appointments. All those questions and more answered below.

First thing you want to do is take it back old school, to the color wheel. If you have yellowness in your hair, you need to add the opposite color on the color wheel into it to kick it out. That color is PURPLE. If you have Brass or orange tones the opposite color would be BLUE. Doing this will neutralize your hair and bring it back to the gorgeous color you left the salon with.


Now which products are right for you??

To Reduce Brassy tones I personally use Matrix Brass off shampoo. It tones down unwanted brassy tones by adding a combination of blue and violet tones to hair. You can leave on the hair for longer amounts of time to help add more toning as well. This is recommended for brunettes who have lighten their hair. If used on hair that is exceptionally porous or extremely damaged it can cause over deposit of blue in hair, due to its extreme toning effect. I suggest to alternate this shampoo with a color care shampoo. Using brass off as you see brassiness in your hair. If you need even more toning the brass off hair mask if heavily, and I mean heavily, pigmented. The kind of heavy pigment that you will want to wear gloves with to help from leaving your hands blue. It works amazingly and is perfect for an added boost!

If you are blonde, you are most likely seeing yellow tones in your hair and will need a different shampoo. My favorite is So Silver by none other than Matrix of course. This shampoo will help get rid of those unwanted yellow tones. Helping tone yellow to grey hair, highlights to solid. Its a great shampoo and just came out with its own mask to tag team with as well!


The third, but certainly not last purple shampoo I would recommend is by Biolage. The new ColorLast Purple Shampoo. This shampoo helps brass and yellow tones, giving 2.5x smoother hair and helps fight 3x less breakage. Vegan formula, paraben free and delivering soft silky hair it is sure to give you everything you’ve been wanting in a shampoo!


Any of these shampoos are great color care shampoos and help your hair look salon professional between visits. Let me know which one you try! I always love to hear how much everyone loves these shampoos! Be sure to shop below. Ulta is the only store Matrix recommends buying their products from, outside of professional salons of course!

Xo, Amanda Warren


Teeth Whitening for Coffee Stains

A smile has always been the first thing I notice on someone. The happiness and glow in a person’s face when they smile really opens them up to you. It also can be a quick glimpse into their personal hygiene as well as leave evidence of a coffee or red wine fan. The last few years I haven’t done any at home whitening and my teeth were starting to show that. I was in need of some extra care and that’s when I turned to Smile Brilliant.

The ease of using this product was so great! First they ship you a box with all the essentials to mold your teeth so that you have the perfect mold that is easy to use. After sending it back to them and in no time you get back your whitening trays that fit your teeth like a glove. The whitening trays make it even easier for you to whiten. It feels like you barely have anything in your mouth, in fact one time I almost forgot!

Facetune_08-07-2019-16-01-31 (1).jpg
IMG_5664 (1).jpg

Now that you have your trays its an easy 2 part session to whiten your teeth each time. First you use the whitening syringe and inject it into your top and bottom trays. You can leave them on from 45min to 3 hours. I started out at 45 min because I was so worried about sensitivity. In the past my teeth have been so sensitive from other whitening trays. Smile Brilliant has been so great and my sensitivity hasn’t been an issue. This is probably because of step 2.

Step 2 is another syringe full of desensitizing gel. You apply this up to 20 min after you whiten. That’s all! Its really that simple. After you finish the 20 min just brush your teeth and enjoy your day or night, depending on when you apply it! I normally like to do this treatment in the evening while I’m catching up on my latest shows.

To get 15% off your first order of Smile Brilliant use code: amandawarrenhair15

Enter to Win 149$ worth of Smile Brilliant Credit by heading to the link below and entering to win!!

Giveaway link:

Snapseed (6).JPG

10 Beauty Tips Just Using A Toothbrush

Stop! Don’t throw away that old toothbrush! Don’t throw away the one the dentist gave you. Even though you use an electric one, there are so many uses you may not even know about! Using a toothbrush has helped me with beauty tips and tricks, to cleaning the laundry room and the whole house. Those little bristles that get around your teeth are so great at getting around lots of other little small spots you need as well!


Beauty Hacks!

1. Helping exfoliate your lips by adding lip balm and brush, this will help to remove all the dead skin you have.

2. Calming baby hairs! You may have just teased your hair and are ready for the town, but those baby hairs are popping up!! Spray your tooth brush with some hairspray and help settle them down.

3. Brows! Don’t put the hairspray down just yet! Spray it on the toothbrush again and brush your brows into place. This will secure them and help to not move throughout the day, giving nice full brows.

4. Cuticles, adding a little oil on your cuticles and letting soak in for a minute then brushing helps exfoliate them and remove any dead cuticle.

5. De-lint your hair dryer!! In the back of your dryer where hair is supposed to circulate lint forms and can cause your dryer to die earlier and can even cause fires or shorts. Using a toothbrush to remove lint every so often will help your dryer live a long life!

6. Create Volume! Lifting hair and using your tooth brush right at the base of your scalp will help add texture and volume to your hair.

7. Remove Self Tanner!! In a bowl mix together water, lemon juice and baking soda, making a paste. Dip your toothbrush in and start scrubbing on the tanner you wish to remove. The toothbrush is soft enough on your skin but will be tough enough to remove the spots.

8. De-clump Mascara. After a whole year old mascara tubes can get clumpy. Using your toothbrush to remove clump from your wand will help to remove this! (Another tip is to add eye drops into your tube to help liquify it again)

9. Slick Buns! Ever put your hair in a slick bun but it just wont happen because your hair is flying all over? Spray some hairspray on your hair and use the brush to tame down all your hair and create the perfect slicked bun!

10. Washing Bangs! When I used to have bangs I would always hate how they would get oily before the rest of my hair. To help this I would start off by pulling the rest of my hair back and leave my bangs out. Next I would wet my bangs and put a little shampoo onto the toothbrush. Then scrub your hair at the base and massage onto the rest of the bang. Rinse and blow dry like regular!


I hope these toothbrush tricks helped you in your next beauty crisis! Do you have any other beauty tips using just a toothbrush? Let me know! I always love learning new things!

Xo, Amanda Warren


Half-up Hairstyles That Don't Involve a Braid

  1. The Knotted Style


Adding knots to styles gives a textured and more edgy look. Things to remember when doing these styles are a good grip cream and bobby pinning into place to prevent the knots from slipping loose.

2. The Pony Flip


When I was a little girl we used to do these all the time but back then we did them on a ponytail. Now, they have made them more intricate and detailed and are doing them as half up styles, pig tails, and updo’s.

  1. Section your hair and secure with a rubber band.

  2. Make a small hole with your fingers in between hair above rubber band.

  3. Pull hair in rubber band through the hole.

  4. Deconstruct and make bigger by pinching and pulling hair until its as loose as you desire.

3. The Bubble Style


Probably the easiest yet most fun style! All you need are little rubber bands and your fingers to pinch and pull and make your bubbles to the size you want them! Tip: wrap hair around each elastic as you are going onto each section.

4. Hair Wrapping Faux Braid

This style involves many elastics and a lot of pinch and pulling, but not a single braid!

  1. Section crown section of hair into an elastic.

  2. Take the remainder of hair for half up style into another pony and tighten with elastic.

  3. Now take top pony and split into around bottom pony and secure with elastic on the other side (leaving second pony hanging through the hole.)

  4. Continue until you have no hair left and secure together with final elastic.

  5. Pinch and pull hair to make a fuller look and mimicking a braid.

5. Twist Half Up Style


Leaving sides of half up style, tease and pin into place crown area, pin into place. Now take each side sections that were left out and twist, pinch and pull. Pin going across and covering pins that held crown into place. This gives a simple yet adorable style perfect for a wedding or even everyday!

6. The Fabric Wrap


Such a simple style and so much fun! Use any fabric you choose to make this look your own! First you with section hair out that you want to be in the half up style. Next, secure with elastic band. Finally wrap with the ribbon or fabric of your choice and BAM! A fun and simple way to dress up your next half up style!

The importance of Beauty sleep from My Mom

Over the years I am sure I have caused my mom to loose her share of beauty sleep. From when I was a new born crying all night (although she swears I was the best baby and slept through the whole night i’m sure I wasn’t as perfect as she makes me seem). To the high school years when I would come home late to curfew, with her still up praying I was okay. She hopefully rests a little easier now that I am an adult and live right behind her. Although, I know mama’s will always worry about their babies. I now have something to help ease her mind and sleep more restfully.

Luna Nectar sent me their Anti-stress and Sleep Magnesium Oil and I have been using it like crazy!! Just 3-5 sprays and I feel so relaxed by the amazing smell. It is shown to help decrease stress and anxiety induce sleep, address aches and pains and elevate mood. If it even did one of these I would be over the moon! However I can really see the difference in all of them. Magnesium is the first thing you loose when stressed. When you are at a lack of Magnesium this can cause depression, back aches, head aches and brain fog. Applying to your skin is the fastest and best way to absorb. infused with aloe Vera and lavender this oil is sure to have you sleeping like a non crying baby! (if they really do exist!) Click here to get your hands on some!


Tip from Mom on Beauty before sleep: Vitamin E. Apply to your feet hands elbows and knees before sleep to help keep moisturized, soft and reduce signs of aging.


Mothers Day with Biolage - Deep Treatment Packs

If you follow me on my blog or the gram for long enough then you probably know I am a hairdresser. What you may not know is my mom also went to school to do hair. She first wanted to be an instructor and then decided it wasn’t for her. Even though she didn’t pursue a career in hair and went another way, she still always did my hair in braids all throughout my childhood, and she even did my hair for my school dances! It was always so fun having a halo braid in the middle of the week with no particular place to go! She always did great styles and helped showed me the importance of great hair care!

Now, flash forward a few decades and I am the one showing her the latest hair care and styles. One constant staple in our lives has always been Biolage products. We’ve used them forever and have always loved their products results. Nothing has changed with their new Deep Treatment Packs, we are still obsessed and love every smell.

These treatment packs come in 3 different treatments; Hydrasource, Colorlast, and Smoothproof. I have used all 3 and am obsessed with them all! Hydrasource is great for dry hair, giving you 2x more nourishment. Leaving hair with visible touchable softness. ColorLast Pack is my favorite. Leaving your hair 3x stronger, preventing damage, tangled ends, and color fading! All things I need!! The last pack is Smoothproof, this is my moms favorite! This leaves hair 8 TIMES, yes 8x, more smoother. Also helps tame frizz and gives upto 70% less breakage! Each pack is so incredible.

Each pack will last you 1 month giving you 1 treatment a week. They are the highest concentration giving you immediate and long lasting results. These treatment packs absorb into the hair cuticle, where as a conditioner sits ontop of the hair strand. This sets their product apart from other regular conditioners. Scroll to the bottom to see Mama Helen’s haircare tip!


Tip from Mom on Hair: Use a tooth brush & hairspray to get flyaway hairs and finish your style. Also use them to brush eyebrows into place (shes been doing this before eyebrow gels came out and I actually like doing this better!)

My bedtime routine in 7 steps

What you do before bed sets you up for a beneficial 7-8 hours in your beauty routine! My husband is constantly cracking jokes about how long it takes me to get ready for bed. No matter the time its totally worth it to me! So here is my 7 step run down:

  1. A Clean Face

    No matter what I always go to bed with a clean face. Going to bed with your makeup on or only using a makeup remover is leaving your skin prone to acne, wrinkles, and enlarged pores.

    1. Makeup remover - I always use a makeup remover towellet to start this process and currently am loving the Rodan + Fields makeup remover.

    2. I posted about this a few times, but I always use the Dermalogica pre cleanse. You massage it into your face without water to help clean off your makeup. You then add water to your hands and massage a little more

    3. Cleanse - I have used several different face washes over the years and I always seem to come back to Rodan + Fields. It really helps with my stubborn acne. If acne isn’t what you are fighting with I would recommend the Dermalogica cleansing solution.

2. Tone & Prep

  • I will typically use a toner with witch hazel. If I haven’t already in the morning I will use a daily peel treatment from Dr. Dennis Gross and get my skin nice and clean and prepped from my nightly moisturizer.

3. Hydrate

  • While my skin sits from the toner I brush my teeth, take my vitamins (they give me a tummy ache so I take them before bed to save myself)

  • Drink a full glass of water! — this ensures I get some extra hydration before bed and keeps me satisfied for the night of sleep.

4. Night Creams

  • Depending on how my skin is doing (breakout or not) I will add a light moisturizer to my face like the Fountain of Truth insta-face elixir

  • IF I am breaking out I will put on the Rodan + Field unblemish treatment

  • I apply foot cream with socks to help my toes stay extra soft and hand cream ( I love the Fountain of Truth - Youth in hand cream

5. Lash Boost

  • I quickly apply my lash and brown boost from Luna Nectar to help the condition of my lashes and growth of both my brow and lashes while I sleep

6. Lips

  • Add some lip moisturizer or chap stick to help my lips from drying out and making them so kissibly soft.

7. Pillow Magic

  • A few months ago I got this amazing NIGHT sleep pillow and have been having the best nights sleep ever since. I am in no way exaggerating. This pillow helps hair while sleeping, by reducing frizz and adding shine to the hair. It also helps with wrinkles and acne by protecting against environmental allergens, dust mites, mold and fungus from setting on your pillow and potentially clogging your pores. WORTH EVERY PENNY!

Hopefully these 7 steps help clear up why I spend so much time in the bathroom every night! For all products click on the photo for more info and to purchase! Also, please let me know below if you have any recommendations for me! I always love trying new products!

Xo, Amanda Warren

Balayage Vs. Highlights (whats right for you?)

Balayage has been the latest trend for many years now. Coming in all colors, dimensions, and lengths, it doesn’t seem to be going anywhere, anytime soon. Balayage is a French word meaning to sweep or paint. This technique gives the look of a natural “sun kissed” hair color. This technique was to give more of a look that young children get when spending all summer swimming in the sun. The trend has gone in many directions and been used in more ways. The sweeping technique gives an easier grow out process, by not giving a hard line when the hair grows out. This buys you more time before salon visits (unless you have grey hair and need to go in for touch ups in between).

Highlights have been around forever, They come in different forms, and are usually wrapped in foil. Highlights give you a compact and even color appearance. By wrapping in a foil it makes for an even lift when using lightener. Still able to use highlights in many colors and tones, you will be able to change the look and make it your own. Nowadays stylists are doing what we call a “shadow root”. This gives a darker base color on your highlights about a 1/2 inch to an inch to give your hair a better grow out process and give more of a balayage look all while still giving clients a lighter all over look.


Basic Highlight

As you can see the color goes all the way up to the base of the hair and is solid the whole way through the hair.


Shadow Root

As you can see here I took a section at her base and used a darker color allowing her longer time between visits and giving a better grow out process and more of a balayage look than a regular highlight.

Now you know the run down.. So what’s right for you?

You may want a balayage if you:

  • Don’t like to go into the salon as often

  • You like a more “natural” look

  • You only want to see the lightness towards the bottom of your hair

  • Less noticeable regrowth lines

You may want highlights if:

  • You want lightness right at the base of your hair

  • You want all over uniform lightness

Highlight VS Balayage

What will you choose?

Beauty & Health Benefits Of Raw Honey

You may know that honey can help with a sore throat, but do you know the difference between regular honey and raw honey? Raw Honey contains vitamins, nutrients and enzymes. Regular honey has actually little to no pollen and it’s main ingredient is actually high fructose corn syrup. Raw honey will help with anti-viral and anti-fungal properties, contains powerful antioxidents, balances blood sugar levels, stabilize blood pressure, boost immune function and helps heal skin conditions.

Recently I was having terrible stomach pains every time I would eat something. I read online raw honey would help with digestion. Every time my stomach would act up I began to drink hot tea, raw honey and a dash of cinnamon. Thankfully my stomach issues have been gone this whole week.


Raw honey has so many benefits both internally and externally. Here are my top 5 favorite beauty benefits of raw honey:

  1. Sunburn: Honey is an anti-inflammatory which helps with burned skin and speeding up the recover process.

  2. Nourished Hair: It’s no wonder Biolage R.A.W. Shampoo and Conditioner contains honey. It helps hair by curing dry damaged hair leaving it nourished and full of shine.

  3. Moisturizing Skin: Don’t have the latest mask from the store but suffering from a dry winter? Honey is a great moisturizing mask! Leave on for 15-20 min and rinse with warm water. Leaving skin soft and glowing.

  4. Bath Soak: Leave that bath bomb at the store and grab some raw honey for a bath that will leave your skin silky soft. Just mix 2 large tablespoons with hot water until dissolved and pour into tub.

  5. Scar Fader: honey has been known to be a great wound healer, the antioxidants nourish damaged skin and help the healing process. Massage into skin for 1-2 minutes and rinse off.


Some additional health benefits that come from raw honey are:

  • Reduces the risk of illness and disease

  • Helps to heal cuts and wounds

  • Helps with weight loss

  • Boost energy

  • Relieves morning sickness

  • Supports good bacteria

  • Raises levels of antioxidants in blood

  • 27 minerals and 22 amino acids

  • Helps fight off allergies


When shopping for raw honey its really important to keep in mind are where its sourced. Republic of Vermont takes pride in their honey by not using antibiotics on their bees. This always insures the healthiest of honey rich in flavor and natural enzymes. For more info on them and their honey head to

Packing My Salon Bag With Ease

This past weekend I attended the cutest bridal event called Milk and Honey. I was a vendor and was able to do so many braids on newly engaged brides in our local community. It was such a fun experience and truly was great to put my packing skills to the test, for the many weddings I am doing hair for this year. Thankfully I had my Clevermade SnapBasket LUXE.

This great storage bag is so quick and easy to assemble. With just the snap of two sides it goes from flat to a standing bag in 2 seconds. This helps me store the bag away when not using it between weddings as well as at the salon where space is at a premium. I can store it flat, do my work, and prop it back up with 2 clicks and head on my way!

The convenience and ease of the CleverMade bag is also great for grocery shopping, picnics, beach days, and anything else you need a great bag for. Then when your back home it stores in a less than 2 inch flat bag. I was mostly impressed with the bags ability to collapse and then to snap into place and be a stable bag that stands upright on its own!

With laundry baskets, coolers, crates and this great bag the Clevermade line really has the whole organization thing on lock. Tap here for the LUXE bag and here for others.

Latest 5 things I Cant Live Without!

With so many new products and trends hitting the market everyday, its no wonder my skin care and beauty routines are changing constantly. I enjoy trying them all.. and I always love to report my findings. These are my 5 latest favs and why I love them!


Moon Boost Lash & Brow Enhancing Serum by Luna Nectar

I am an eyelash extension junky and I am not afraid to admit it.. now that I have my lash boost serum. I apply this easy to use serum nightly on my lashes and my one eyebrow that is a little lower than the other. Within weeks of using it I had so much less brow to fill in and my lashes were full of sprouts. Sparse lashes and brows can be a result of many things; cancer (radiation therapy), thyroid disorder, and the natural aging process. Not able to prevent these causes the only alternative is to find a product that will help with a solution. The Moon Boost Serum is rich in essential fatty acids that will help lock in moisture to help supplement and encourage longer, fuller lashes and brows!

Other ways to help protect lashes and brows are being sure to remove your makeup before bed and making sure to take your vitamins and minerals. For more info and product click here.


VII Code - O2M Oxygen Eye Mask For All Night Repair

Who doesn’t want to go to sleep and wake up looking well rested. Seems easy right? Yeah.. we all know a great night of sleep doesn't always show on the outside. These 8 hour under eye pads are so easy to use and the first of their kind that have been okayed for this long of use. They left me feeling moisturized and instantly reduced my quickly increasing fine lines. They also have eye masks for dark circles that will help increase the blood flow and boost oxygen. This line is sure to help all your under eye needs and leave you feeling like you just spent the day at the spa. For more info and product click here.


Clean Skin Club - Clean Wipes

The number one thing I loved about these face cleaning wipes was that they were two times as big! This is hugely important when taking your makeup off, especially when you have a full day of makeup! I also love the fact that they are paraben, and fragrance and alcohol free. Clean is not only in the name of their cleaning wipes but the fact that the whole line Is for cleaning and keeping your skin clean. I love the cleaning wipes along with their clean towels, clean swabs and so many other great products to keep your skin CLEAN and clear! For more info and products click here


Celery Juice

I recently started drinking celery juice every morning on an empty stomach, then after waiting 20 minutes to eat or drink anything else. I first started this to help my skin. Its no secret I suffer from acne, and if you follow me on the gram I am always talking about it. After turning 30 I started to not only suffer from this but was also having allergic reactions from the use of Salacilic Acid products. After juicing for nearly 3 weeks now my skin is not only on its way to a speedy recovery, but my mood is happier, I’m much less tired. Honestly, starting your day out with vegetables is a sure fire way to be on the road to a successful day! For more information on celery juice head to for my favorite juicers look here, here, and here.


Dermalogica PreCleanse

This is one of my new great loves! I honestly get excited about using it! The smell is amazing and I can feel it cleaning deeply into my pours as I use it. Before I found this product I was double washing my face. I would start with a clean wipe, then one face wash and then another to make sure to get all the products I had from the day off my skin. Along with the day’s products there are many environmental chemicals we can often pickup. In December I switched out the first face wash with precleanse and I have never been more happier. It not only cleanses the skin, but it smells great and helps nourish it. Trust me you wont be sorry you tried this! Pick yours up here .


Thank you so much for checking out my 5 new favorite beauty items! Let me know below if this is helpful to you! Also, let me know what I should doing next! Xo, Amanda

Picking The Perfect Facemask


Finding the perfect skincare product that is right for your skin type, without spending all your time and money can be tough! Lucky for you, this girl is a sucker for a great facemask and I tried about a million different masks! All in the name of research!


Lets start the fun off with Acne, my sworn nemesis! My favorite mask for acne after all I have tried is still Indian healing clay mixed with apple cider vinegar. See article here . Others I loved were Dr. Jart+ Dermask Micro Jet Clearing Solution, helping fight breakouts and reduce the appearance of my scars was a solid win for me! Another one for more of a splurge was Sunday Riley, Saturn Sulfur Acne Treatment Mask. This left my skin filling amazing and helps to fight future breakouts as well as those you already have, total win!


Sheet masks! Besides being the perfect ghost costume next Halloween, what’s the best? Are they actually helping? What I have found using a sheet mask vs. using a regular is the harshness of the mask is not as much, this is a great product for a first timer or those with sensitive skin! and Costco have LAPCOS Variety Pack that will give you everything you are looking for! What I loved about these is the thickness of the mask and how well they fit on your face compared to other sheet masks! Sephora also has great sheet mask options!


Pore minimizer… who couldn't use that! Kiehl’s rare earth deep pore cleansing masque was a perfect light mask that took away shine and oils while reducing pores. Origins also has a mask that does the same, Clear Improvement Active Charcoal Mask. One of my favs, because you can see the pores when the mask is done doing its job is The Glamglow SuperMud Clearing Treatment. This is a must try, you will love! Can also be used upto 3 times a week!


Lastly an overnight mask! I never used these until recently and boy am I glad I started! Glow Recipe -Watermelon Glow Sleeping Mask is a great overnight choice to help brighten and hydrate skin while helping with oil and not making acne flare up (from experience here!) The smell is also amazing! Another Night mask I actually use for my under eyes when I am going to wake up early, have been traveling or just need a little love for those bags, is Dr. Jart+ Water Fuse Hydro Sleek Mask. Helping lock in moisture and the nutrients your skin needs all while helping with dryness, lack of firmness and elasticity!

Hope These top recommendations help you next time you are out shopping for a face mask! Let me know what your personal favorite is below!

10 Must Have Travel Beauty Finds

It's no secret that I LOVE to travel, but I also love my skin and hair to look as great as it does in the comfort of my home. Sometimes that's hard to do when you’re constantly on the go. There are so many other factors, like different water quality, humidity, etc. that come into play when seeing all the beautiful world has to offer us! Along my wonderful journey I have found products that work great for me and keep my skin and hair in the best shape! Checkout my 10 fav beauty products that fill my toiletry bag to save so much time when packing and getting ready in small hotel bathrooms!

First thing to start packing when heading on a trip is the luggage and toiletry bags. I got this bag last year on Amazon. Great find to be able to separate your items by (makeup, cleaning, and hair) Also has a hanger that is perfect for the limited counter space you have in hotel bathrooms! Hang it up and its out of the way for your whole stay!

1. I always have to pack a great face wash! My skin is normally oily and acne prone, but on vacation I feel like everyone’s can be! This face wash will help remove impurities and oils, which can be in overdrive when on vacation! Not to mention extra pollutants that can be in the air if you are traveling to a big city!

2. Another great skincare item I like to take with me is Dr. Jart+ water fuse hydro sleep mask. Although your skin can get oily from the constant movement and all day fun you are having, sometimes it can be dry. That will depend on where you are heading, but I always pack this just incase! This mask is super easy, you wear while you are sleeping so it wont take away from any of your traveling fun!

3. This next item is probably already in your everyday essentials and probably goes without saying. However I must add! I use these makeup removed towelettes everyday. They help to pre-remove my makeup before washing. I don't recommend using just these or just a facewash when taking off your makeup. I use these, and two face washes to help remove makeup! Makeup brands make that stuff to last, and that LAST thing you want to be doing is sleeping with makeup you thought you removed

4. Speaking of sleep.. I cannot do without my sleep gummies! These babies come in handy when getting on a long plane ride and trying to adjust to time change!

5. What good are sleep gummies without a sleep mask! Slip Eye mask is my favorite! Helps keep all your skin products on your face instead of absorbing into the fabric. Also helps to reduce friction and static on your hair! Silk pillows are also the best for your hair!

6. Now that your skin is prepped and sleep is covered let us talk hair! My favorite shampoo and conditioner duo to take on vacation is Nourish by Biolage. My hair always seems to be more dry when I leave home so I try to over compensate and beat the problem with my haircare routine on the road! This R.A.W. duo always works amazing for my trips!

7. Cant pack a bag without toothpaste! And my favorite is Marvis!

8. Last things I pack in my bag are my go to quick beauty products! Last thing I want to be on vacation is high maintenance… (okay ANY MORE high maintenance then I normally am! lol) So I use a tinted moisturizer over a foundation. For one I want extra sunscreen coverage without that heavy coverage that may sweat off depending on what the day might bring! Laura Mercier has the absolute best tinted moisturizer!! BEST!

9. After I have applied my tinted moisturizer and let it sink into my skin I use this MAC contour kit. Super easy to pack and all in one container. I can use this to fill in my brows, as eyeshadow, contour, and blush! Although at home I have many different items I use, on vacation you want to bring as little as possible and something you can use for everything

10. Lastly.. I add on my favorite Sugar Rose by fresh to help keep my lips hydrated while on the go. It has the best tint to it! I will sometimes apply this at night as well if my lips are more chapped then usual

I hope this rundown of my must pack beauty essentials will help on your next travel adventure! Feel free to click on each photo to better help you shop!

3 Holiday hairstyles anyone can do!

The holidays are quickly approaching and I am beyond excited for all the Christmas songs, Hallmark movies, yummy food and gorgeous styles! I wanted to put together a few of my favorite seasonal go-to hair styles I love doing on myself. Here I did them on my client in order post better photos, but be on the lookout for videos on the gram of me doing them on myself soon! Follow along below so you don't miss out, if you aren't already!

First up we have one of my favorite go-to styles when I don't feel like doing an updo but I need something more formal. Simply Elegant.

First curl hair all in the same direction the entire way around the head

First curl hair all in the same direction the entire way around the head

Next spray brush with hairspray and brush curls down and gently. (as shown in photo)

Next spray brush with hairspray and brush curls down and gently. (as shown in photo)

RQFQE6007 (1).JPG

Finish By

teasing hair to desired fullness and spray into place

ETWAE4323 (1).JPG

For added Drama

Add a deep part, tuck behind ear on the side with less hair and wear a pair of gorgeous earrings

Next up is a super easy updo that only takes about 5 minutes to do if my hair is semi curled from the day before. This style looks super chic and intricate, and is great for weddings, holiday parties, and even a day at the office if you are wanting something a little more special.

Smooth hair into a low pony

Smooth hair into a low pony

Tie hair with hair tie and when wrapping the last time leave hair into a bun like photo

Tie hair with hair tie and when wrapping the last time leave hair into a bun like photo

Spray hair with a texture spray like Biolage texture spray shown

Spray hair with a texture spray like Biolage texture spray shown

pinch and pull pieces to give a more “lived in” textured low bun

pinch and pull pieces to give a more “lived in” textured low bun

Now take the left over hair from your bun and wrap over the top of hair tie until you hit the back. Pull remainder of hair through the tie to hold in place. Use bobby pins to pin in place.

Now take the left over hair from your bun and wrap over the top of hair tie until you hit the back. Pull remainder of hair through the tie to hold in place. Use bobby pins to pin in place.

INSRE5028 (1).JPG

Lastly, I wanted to show something that was simple and a little different than an everyday style. You can dress this up or down depending on the ribbon or hair accessory you are using. Here I used a mykitsch styling wrap to add a casual and fun style. You could also go to your local fabric store and get some velvet ribbon to add a more dressy look to this style.

Gather HALF hair and put into a half up securing with a no snag elastic. Make sure before securing hair tie that hair is smooth and any fringe around your face you would like left out is.

Gather HALF hair and put into a half up securing with a no snag elastic. Make sure before securing hair tie that hair is smooth and any fringe around your face you would like left out is.

Now that hair is in tie pinch and pull on crown if wanting added volume and fullness.

Now that hair is in tie pinch and pull on crown if wanting added volume and fullness.

Now take your detail piece and start by wrapping around and tying a knot in the back to hide knot. Continue to wrap around the hair until reaching desired length. Secure with knot in the back and tuck extra fabric.

Now take your detail piece and start by wrapping around and tying a knot in the back to hide knot. Continue to wrap around the hair until reaching desired length. Secure with knot in the back and tuck extra fabric.



using any type of fabric to give different looks and texture

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Keeping a Tan all Year long!

Summer is over, Fall is here, and Winter is soon upon us! How’s that tan? If its half as bad as mine was then let me help you out! 10 hours before this photo I was as white as my spotted bestie, but thanks to Tanceuticals my tan is back!


4 reasons this is my go to self tanner

  1. The tan itself! This self tanner color is spot on, not orange and looks natural!

  2. The smell! My husband didn't even know I had put a tanner on before bed because it smells so good!!

  3. Its so easy to apply! The glove that comes in the kit makes it so easy to apply the tanning lotion! It glides on super fast and smooth!

  4. It uses natural ingredients that are actually good for your skin!

When I was younger I use to love sunny days and laying out for hours with the “best” tanning products to increase my tan. All that was increasing was my mole count and the risk of skin cancer. Now as I am more worried about wrinkles and my actual health. I still try to enjoy the sun responsibly using sunscreen. Tanceuticals is a great way to give you a beautiful tan all year long and save you from the damage of the sun, along with giving your skin the added moisture that it needs.

More people are diagnosed with skin cancer each year in the U.S. than all other countries combined. Don't become part of the statistics. Make sure you are using sunscreens, checking your moles with a dermatologist, and getting and keeping your tan with a bottle not by worshiping the sun.

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3 steps to fix the dry hair from all that Summer Fun!

Summer is gone, tans are fading, and you’re left with nothing but dry hair and your memories. Follow these 3 changes to your weekly haircare routine to fix that dry hair and be ready for Fall in no time!


Step 1: You may be using a shampoo and conditioner that is right for your hair type, but right now is the time to RECOVER your hair from the damage of chlorine and summer sun. Switching to Biolage Raw Recover Shampoo & Conditioner will help restore your hair making it 15 times stronger through conditioning. You’ll also notice an added shine.


Step 2: Add a weekly hair mask to your end of Summer routine. The Biolage Raw Re-Hab Clay Mask helps to deeply condition stressed hair and helps to rebuild the strength of your hair. Apply to your hair once a week. I like to wash my hair at night, then apply this mask. I leave it on my hair while I sleep. When I wake in the morning I’ll rinse and style as normal.


Step 3: Once a week use the Matrix 3 step Re-Bond system in the shower. Step 1: shampoo with re-bond shampoo, containing citric acid. Step 2: apply pre-conditioner containing maleic acid and leave on for 5 minutes, if extreme damage leave for up to 10. This step ensures the proper balance of strength and cosmetic feel in the hair. Step 3: layer conditioner, containing taurine, on top of step 2 and condition like usual. The ingredients contained in each of the steps work in tandem to restore the bonds of the hair. This 3 step system is the first haircare regimen to actually restore the chemical bonds on the hair

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My Fast Cure for Acne!

Are you suffering from acne that started in your teenage years and continued through adulthood? My joke to myself was “I’ll have acne right until the wrinkles start to set in”. WRONG! Wrinkles are coming and this darn acne is not leaving! I have seen so many dermatologists and done everything I can to help fight the battle! Certain products seem to really help, but others are just a quick fix. Around two years ago while looking for a new facemask on Amazon I found this Indian Healing Clay mask and decided to give it a try. At this price point it was worth a shot! Years have gone by and I still use it on a weekly basis, sometimes more if I am having a breakout or an important event coming up! (my husband calls it the “Hulk” mask. He thinks he’s funny!)


The Indian Healing Clay works with Apple Cider Vinegar to help smooth and soften the skin, all while removing toxins. There are many things Indian Healing Clay can be used for, but my favorite is the ability to dry up my acne by drying up my breakouts in just one mask!

For application mix equal parts of Indian Healing Clay and Apple Cider Vinegar, apply to face evenly, and let sit. For sensitive skin they recommend letting it sit for 5 min and 15-20 for normal. I usually leave it on as long as I possibly can. My face is always beat red after washing off, but not to worry this is normal and will go away shortly after!


I hope this helps you as it did me! Some other tips I would recommend are changing your pillowcase daily, washing morning and night and never touching your face. Remember, oils are NOT our friend!

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What Shampoo is right for you??

With so many shampoos in the market today, how do you decide which one is right for you? I'm going to break down the benefits of the entire Biolage RAW line so it will be a little easier next time your choosing a shampoo! Ready? OK!

First up we have the Nourish shampoo. This is for dry and dull hair that needs some more of that softness and shine back in its life. This shampoo gives your hair up to 7 times more conditioning than any other non-conditioning shampoo. It’s made with quinoa husk and honey. As with all of the Biolage Raw line, its made of 99% biodegradable material with no silicones and no parabens. The bottle is made with 100% recycled plastic. 


Next we have Recover shampoo. This is what I recommend for clients who have gone through an extreme color change (aka lightening process), or to clients who have endured a damaging Summer to their hair. This shampoo will help provide up to fifteen times stronger hair for stressed and sensitized hair. Recover is made with yucca and goji berry. It will give you stronger, smoother, and more conditioned hair, all while adding more shine.


Now lets say your hair is in pretty good condition, but is flat, fine and lifeless... I got you! Uplift shampoo will be perfect for you! This shampoo purifies your hair without stripping for lightweight body in your hair. Uplift is made with black sesame and grapefruit. It adds the volume you desire without weighing down your hair.


This next beauty is the newest member to the Raw line, Anti-dandruff shampoo. I am super excited to have a shampoo that helps with dandruff and doesn't strip your color! The new Anti-dandruff shampoo is for problems with scalp conditions such as itching, irritation, redness, flaking, and scaling. Tested under dermatological control this shampoo will help restore balance for healthy hair and scalp. With the use of 2.9% salicylic acid, willow bark extract, and rosemary this shampoo will help with all those dandruff related issues. 


Lastly we have the Color Care shampoo. If you’ve gone through my list and don't have any of the conditions but need help protecting your color, this is the one for YOU! It uses nourishing coconut milk and antioxidant-rich meadowfoam to help keep color vibrancy fresh. This shampoo restores your hair strength 2 times following a color service and hair will be left with 3 times more moisture! This is one of my favorites!


I hope you were able to find the perfect shampoo for you! Please comment below as to what you ended up picking as your new shampoo bestie!


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Biolage Oil Renew & The Porosity of Your Hair

First things first...What is porosity in hair? Do you have porous hair? Hair porosity is your hair's ability to absorb and retain moisture. It is affected by the flexible outer hair layer called the cuticle, which determines how easily moisture and oils pass in and out of your hair. Visible symptoms that your hair is porous are that it takes forever to dry, feels rough when dry, and is totally frizzy.

Are you feeling these symptoms? Biolage new oil renewal might be the right option for you.


Biolage Advanced oil renew system will replenish and protect the hair cuticles which will lock in moisture to help your hair feel less porous. The first step is to shampoo to wash away a full day of hair pollutants such as dirt and build up that will get your hair ready for step two. Step two is conditioning. This will help to lock in the moisture your hair has been dying for. Lastly, the oil..this product is great! I really love to "cocktail" together the oil with my other styling products to help give my hair that added moisture it needs. 

Throughout the year my hair goes through changes. Just like a diet our body needs different foods at different times. The same goes for your hair. Whether you have changed the color of your hair, been swimming in the pool a little too much this summer, or just need to give your hair a little more attention for those porous ends, Biolage Advanced Oil Renew is a great option to help your hair quench that thirst it needs!


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Making Dry Shampoo work for you

On a daily basis behind the chair I have conversations with my clients about how often they are washing their hair. As they tell me they are washing everyday this look of horror comes across my face. I soon ask them why, to find out that its either just habit, or that their hair gets too oily. The topic of dry shampoo comes up and nine times out of ten I hear " I tried it, it just doesn't work for me". The reason it doesn't work can be one of two things: 1. you weren't using the right dry shampoo for you (yes there is more then one kind of dry shampoo) and 2. you aren't using it correctly.

Hair comes in all types; flat, thin, thick, coarse, just to name a few. Dry shampoo also comes in all types as well to better suit each type of hair. For thin hair you need something lighter and not too wet. This is so your hair won't weigh down and look worse then before you grabbed that bottle of dry shampoo. If you are part of this squad I would recommend Biolage Waterless Clean and Recharge. If you have thin to medium hair I would recommend it's sister dry shampoo Biolage Clean and Full. This product is also light and airy, but it gives you a little extra somethin somethin..and soon will become your best friend.


Next.. where are my medium to thick haired girls at?? I'm right there with you! I can go up to five days on some weeks (thank goodness for dry shampoo and top knots!) For this type of hair, I recommend Miracle Extender by Matrix. This dry shampoo has a little bit more of a wet consistency compared to the two previously mentioned dry shampoos. The best part is that it doesn't leave the hair feeling gritty, and leaves a soft touchable texture.


The last dry shampoo, Matrix Play Back, is probably my main go to dry shampoo for medium to thick hair. I use this on day one or two to add texture to my hair, or on day four to five to suck up the oils my hair has made. It removes the oils without drying out the hair, leaving no residue. All that and not to mention, how cute is this bottle!

FullSizeRender (1).jpg

As I was saying, you can use dry shampoo in more than one way. It can be used to add texture when you have that freshly washed and clean hair. Before there was "texture spray" and "sea salt spray" this was how I added grit into the hair to help make those big braids and full updos!

Now you've found the right dry how do you apply? Start by sectioning throughout your hair and spray. A rule of thumb on how to spray any product is to stay the length of the can away from hair. This will help from getting product build up in one section and disperse evenly. Now that you have sprayed dry shampoo throughout your hair evenly, let it sit and do its job (absorbing up all those oils!) After its gone to work, grab a brush and brush through hair to work product throughout. DO NOT! I repeat... DO NOT use your hands to run the product throughout your hair. The job of a dry shampoo is to remove oils, and that is exactly what is on your hands. All the work of evenly spraying and working the product throughout your hair will be ruined by absorbing the oils from your hands and not your hair. Now that you brushed throughout, STYLE! You are ready for another day without a single drop of regular shampoo! Hurray!

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