5 Tips When Shopping For Jumpsuits For A Pear Shaped Body

For years I wouldn’t buy jumpsuits because I always thought they didn’t look good on girls with hips and a booty. It took me a while to figure out these 5 important factors to think about so that I didn’t have to stand on the side lines anymore. I too could look like a boss in a jumpsuit just like all the tall skinny girls around me! You can too!


1. Size

Just because you can wear a size small top doesn’t mean your jumpsuit should be that size. You need to size for the bottom half first and worry about the top second. If you are wearing it too small on the bottom it will bunch up and never sit right.

2. Straps

Adjustable Straps are your friend! If you went up a size on the bottom the straps being adjustable will help you maneuver the top to fit you right. However, if they aren’t, don’t be afraid you head to your local seamstress and get the straps and everything else you need taken in to fit you correctly. This will be the difference between an okay outfit and an outfit that looks like it was made for you!


Speaking of adjusting, make sure the bottom half lays right. If your pants are too long they will bunch up on the bottom and make you look even shorter instead of giving you a long lean look that a jumpsuit should give.

4. Material

Material will make all the difference for you apple bottom girls! Something with a little stretch is perfect in this case. Just like the jumpsuit above! Even though its denim it stretches to fit your body better. Again, be careful not to get anything with stretch too tight or it wont look flattering either. If you end up getting anything light weight be sure they have an underlining as well, you don’t want any peekaboo’s.

5. Waist

When it comes to curves, accentuating them correctly can take you from looking like your wearing a potato sack to looking like you are walking the runway. Finding a jumpsuit that accentuates your waist will help give you that sexy hourglass shape. Helpful hint..If you found one that doesn’t adding a belt will help draw it in.


Some Of My Personal Favorites

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Yummie for Every Generation

A mothers love is undeniable, unbreakable, and forever. I am lucky enough to have a mother who is not only the best mom ever but my very best friend. She lifts me up when I am feeling discouraged or being too hard on myself but also tells me when I’m being a huge pain in the booty! Just like most mother daughter duos we get in our share of fights, but we move on in about 2 seconds flat never holding a grudge just knowing our love is stronger than any disagreement we could ever have. She has taught me to love myself for who I am, for the body and beauty that God has given me. To cherish it, take care of it and love it. Knowing these importance’s in life we take care of ourselves, we eat right and we try to wear the most flattering clothing to feel great about ourselves. This year I started wearing Yummie for the first time and the one word I have to describe it is, OBSESSED!

Yummie understands a woman, her needs, and helps us to love our bodies at no cost. Comfort is key and they give it to us. I have tried many body suits in my years and they by far give the most comfort. They feel like butter and have a knit shaping panel around your tummy that helps give a light compression and hold you in. They also have an outlast temp. control that helps regulate your body heat!! Storing it when you are too hot and releasing it when you are cold! I love wearing them with jeans or leggings for a casual look or with a shirt or high waisted dress pant for a dressy look! I promise you wont be sorry about buying any of their amazing products! Check them all out here. Swipe down for Mama Helen’s trick to keeping clothing color longer, and links to our Yummie bodysuits and jeans!


Tip from Mom on keeping colors longer: Add salt to your wash the first time wearing them, this helps the color set in and will help from fading.

Laundry Worth Fighting Over

Starting in high school my Mom and I often wore similar sizes, so I found myself borrowing her clothes all the time. Even though I totally had more than enough of my own clothes! (Mama’s take care of their babies) She seemed to act like she didnt mind much except I wouldn’t really wash them the way she wanted and probably took care of them far less than she would. Now, flash forward about a decade and I live in the house behind her, and we still share clothes, and she’s STILLL telling me how to wash them! As a nice bartering gift I decided we both deserved a nice laundry caddy and that we could both put them to good use! Clevermade has the best bags! We always use them for errand running, as well as work and pleasure. From on sight weddings i’m doing hair for (see previous post here) to over night travel! When I saw they had collapsible laundry bags I had to get my hands on them! You can see in the photos below the bag collapses down flat for easy storage and when in use has snaps on the sides that keep it sturdy! These are the best bags ever!! Shop all Clevermade here. Be sure to scroll down to the bottom to see Mama Helen’s laundry tip!


Tip from Mom on Laundry: Use Dawn dish soap if you get grease or oil on your clothing! It will help cut the grease and remove the stain.


Decorating a power girl's Office

Now that I am working more from home I decided I needed to redecorate my office and make a creative space for me to work out of. I needed a bright space with touches of pink!


I added a rack for my clothing to shoot soon or to use when I am picking out clothes for our next trip. I also added these cute Scout storage boxes. The bottom box is to store all of my Matrix supplies and the top for my paperwork, files and taxes. I was lucky enough to find everything pretty much at Amazon (all linked below just click on photo)

The photos above are from   Desenio.com   and can be found on their website.

The photos above are from Desenio.com and can be found on their website.


I needed a space that was functional and helped inspire me! It truly changes your outlook when you have a place to work from everyday that keeps you happy and upbeat!


10 Count Guide To Picking The Perfect Outfit Everytime!

When I was fresh out of high school I was crowned “Dairy Princess” of my hometown. This meant I traveled around educating people about the importance of milk and dairy products with the Real California Milk Advisory. Right after getting my sash and crown they shipped me out of town to learn all there is about milk, speaking and etiquette. I learned many things on that trip, but the two big things I still use today are, the 10 counting steps to picking the perfect outfit, and dinner etiquette. I know you are here for all the fashion 411 so lets dive right in!


Each piece of clothing, hair accessory, hat, bag, jewelry, shoes are all 1 point. If the item has a print, sequins or anything that makes it more than a neutral piece it is 2 points. The etiquette class explained to never go over 10 points, but also not to go under 5, at the risk of being a bit boring and not having that sparkle factor.

  • As shown above the green dress with flowers would be 2 points.

  • The hat would be 1 point.

  • The bag could be 1 or 2 points depending on what you wear it with. If I wore it with the dress I would say 1 point.

I am a bit basic as I’ve gotten older so I mostly use this when I am about to leave the house and want to make sure I have enough points. When they first taught me this method I had a print skirt, tiara, sash and a sequined sweater among other things. Lets just say I was well above 10! Here are a few examples of my everyday outfits and how I count them!

It’s always fun to push the boundaries and make your style uniquely yours! This is my way of helping ensure I have classic, beautiful outfits in many different styles! I Hope this helps you in your evolution of your own fashion game….and never forget to do so following proper etiquette!

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Packing My Salon Bag With Ease

This past weekend I attended the cutest bridal event called Milk and Honey. I was a vendor and was able to do so many braids on newly engaged brides in our local community. It was such a fun experience and truly was great to put my packing skills to the test, for the many weddings I am doing hair for this year. Thankfully I had my Clevermade SnapBasket LUXE.

This great storage bag is so quick and easy to assemble. With just the snap of two sides it goes from flat to a standing bag in 2 seconds. This helps me store the bag away when not using it between weddings as well as at the salon where space is at a premium. I can store it flat, do my work, and prop it back up with 2 clicks and head on my way!

The convenience and ease of the CleverMade bag is also great for grocery shopping, picnics, beach days, and anything else you need a great bag for. Then when your back home it stores in a less than 2 inch flat bag. I was mostly impressed with the bags ability to collapse and then to snap into place and be a stable bag that stands upright on its own!

With laundry baskets, coolers, crates and this great bag the Clevermade line really has the whole organization thing on lock. Tap here for the LUXE bag and here for others.

The Perfect Party Favor

This year my Christmas gift to my clients is the best party favor I just had to share! I made my favorite festive popcorn and wrapped it up in the perfect customizable bags from Zazzle.

Snapseed (1).jpg

White Chocolate Popcorn Recipe


  • 2 bags of Orville butter movie theater popcorn

  • 1 bag of Wilton white melt chocolate

  • Wilton red and green melt chocolates (or whatever colors go with your theme)

  • Salt

  • Sprinkles (in the theme and colors of desire)


  • Pop popcorn as instructed on packaging and place in large bowl.

  • Place white chocolate in a microwave safe bowl. Heat for one minute, stir. Heat for 30 min and continue to stir until well melted.

  • Drizzle on Popcorn and blend well until evenly distributed.

  • Take a pan with edging and line with waxed paper. Evenly lay out popcorn mixture and sprinkle with salt (as little or as much as desired)

  • Melt chocolate colors in bowl in the same way. Put into pipping bag (I have linked below) and drizzle over popcorn mixture.

  • Sprinkle the fun and bright sprinkles over everything. Let cool and harden for 1 hour, or 10 min in fridge. Break apart and enjoy!


Supplies You Will Need

The Perfect Gift For The Man Who Has Everything!

The Holiday season is upon us and the last gift I always have to buy is for the most difficult man to shop for. He’s the one who needs nothing and has everything. Sound familiar?? I came up with a fun gift for that exact man that is practical, and something he will love!


I’d like to start this gift by picking a cute and light weight toiletry bag. He can use this at home to hold all of his products. It’s also great for travel when he is on the road and exploring! I fill it with hair products, brushes, and all the things you know come in handy for anyone… Not sure which hair care items will be the right one for him? Let me narrow that list down for you!


First, I start with a shampoo. The shampoo I love to for a man’s gift is “Grow” shampoo by Johnny B. It contains plant extracts that deeply cleanse the scalp. It also removes impurities from the hair bulb letting hair growth continue to happen. This shampoo is not just for the man who is needing help with growth but a great choice for all men looing to keep their hair optimally healthy and strong.

Next, I pair the shampoo with a conditioner. I like the “Conditional” by Johnny B. Their special formula contains Jojoba for treating dryness, amino acids for shine, and hops for thicker looking hair. This can be used on all hair types to give healthy shiny hair. Perfect for ANY man!


Now that you have a shampoo and conditioner picked out I like to add a styling aid. This can be a little harder to pick out if you don’t know what he uses. So I narrow this down to two different types.

  1. Control, which is a gel. This will be more for someone who enjoys volume. As well as long lasting hold, that never gets flaky ( thanks to its alcohol free formula). This gel is easy to wash out, and never gets sticky, greasy or oily. It also gives hydration to all hair types and volume to fine hair.

  2. Molding Paste is for the man you’re shopping for that likes natural shine with heavy duty hold! This paste accentuates the natural hair texture to create any edgy look. Great for every rocked out style with maximum hold.

Both of these products can work in so many ways. You really can’t go wrong with either! Johnny B is my favorite go- to for all the men I have sit in my chair. The smells of each product are clean and never over powering. They don’t lose their hold or get runny or flaky during the day as you are sweating and keeping up a busy life. This makes them a great choice for all ages!


Lastly, I like to add something in the bag that every man can use… a brush or comb! In this gift I went with the Feels Brush. This brush is soft, flexible and gentle. It’s great for anyone and an ideal accessory for those with sensitive scalp who want to promote less breakage and add more shine.

These are my favorite things to give to the man who has it all! Other cute things to add in could be:

  • A protein bar (who doesn’t love a snack)

  • Johnny B Shave Cream, has medicinal-like ingredients that help with a friction free shave.

  • Johnny B Beard Oil (helps with conditioning, hydrating and growth)

  • After Shave, Johnny B has a great one that smells amazing and doesn’t use alcohol

  • Mouth wash and/or tooth paste

I hope this helps with shopping ideas during this crazy time of year! Have a Merry Christmas and have fun shopping for the man who has it all!