Planning A Vacation Wardrobe & 5 Quick Packing Tips

Heading out of town and not sure where to start on your packing? Here’s my go to packing tips!


If you followed my travel guide of “6 apps you need to plan your next trip” then you most likely have your trip all planned out. Or, at the very least, you know what apps to use. The last part of planning a trip after we have all the activities and food planned is of course planning the wardrobe.

Now that I know what my days are going to look like I know if I will need a change of clothes each day, if we will be outside/inside, walking a lot, or doing something slow that allows for those cute shoes that aren’t that comfortable! Then I head to my fav websites and start shopping (I do usually wear things in my closet, but my shopping for vacation is usually my main shopping. I find the cutest stuff for vacation and then wear that all season long!) I mostly shop at websites that have free returns, then I order extra clothes so I can try them all on along with the things I already own that can also go for the trip. I try to keep everything in a color scheme so that my shoes, jewelry and handbags can all work and I have less to pack.

Now that I have all of my outfits picked out I start to line them up in my closet according to days that I will wear them, according to outings and events we will see. Sounds excessive, but I promise you this will help ease your mind on vacation and give you more time to be doing what you want to be doing on your vacation, ENJOYING it!

Once I have all of my clothes in order by day, I start to find out what my husband will be wearing. By now I’ve nagged him a few hundred times to do some shopping online. He usually finds some new things to go alond with stuff he already has. He will usually just pull out everything he likes and I will start putting his outfits by day in with mine. So day 1 has my outfit, then his, same with day 2... and so on. This all makes sense once I start packing it, becauseee I pack by days. This puts the last oufits we will wear at the bottom of the suitcase stacked up. This makes it easier for long trips when we go to multiple locations and I am not going to unpack everything. I just unpack what I need and leave the rest nice and tidy.


Other Tips Are:

Pack your makeup and toiletries as you get ready for bed the night before and the morning of so you wont forget anything because you are packing as you use it.

Pack your socks and underwear inside of your shoes and purses. This helps keep them filled so they wont get crushes and is a great space saver!

Save all of your beauty samples for travel. I am forever getting sample sizes of makeup and facewashes from Sephora and other beauty places, so I always save them to take with me on travel. Especially tiny perfumes, I always pick that on my Sephora free gift, I never want to take a full perfume if that spills, anything you touch is a goner (they have oils in perfumes that will ruin your clothes)!

Always pack toiletries, underwear and two changes of clothes in your carry on. I try to keep one change of clothes casual like a gym outfit and one that’s regular clothes. Nothing like the time our bags were literally stuck on the plane that wouldn’t take off to Paris from NYC and we spent 2 nights and a full day in the airport not sure if we would ever make it to Europe. No extra undies or contact case but luckily I had a workout outfit in the right suitcase.

Have everything printed out or if you like less clutter have it all saved in your emails on your phone under FLAGGED.. this makes it so much easier to find confirmation numbers and tickets

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I hope these tips and tricks help you when packing for your next trip! Let me know how it goes, and if you have any tricks that can help me too!

Xo, Amanda Warren

10 Must Have Travel Beauty Finds

It's no secret that I LOVE to travel, but I also love my skin and hair to look as great as it does in the comfort of my home. Sometimes that's hard to do when you’re constantly on the go. There are so many other factors, like different water quality, humidity, etc. that come into play when seeing all the beautiful world has to offer us! Along my wonderful journey I have found products that work great for me and keep my skin and hair in the best shape! Checkout my 10 fav beauty products that fill my toiletry bag to save so much time when packing and getting ready in small hotel bathrooms!

First thing to start packing when heading on a trip is the luggage and toiletry bags. I got this bag last year on Amazon. Great find to be able to separate your items by (makeup, cleaning, and hair) Also has a hanger that is perfect for the limited counter space you have in hotel bathrooms! Hang it up and its out of the way for your whole stay!

1. I always have to pack a great face wash! My skin is normally oily and acne prone, but on vacation I feel like everyone’s can be! This face wash will help remove impurities and oils, which can be in overdrive when on vacation! Not to mention extra pollutants that can be in the air if you are traveling to a big city!

2. Another great skincare item I like to take with me is Dr. Jart+ water fuse hydro sleep mask. Although your skin can get oily from the constant movement and all day fun you are having, sometimes it can be dry. That will depend on where you are heading, but I always pack this just incase! This mask is super easy, you wear while you are sleeping so it wont take away from any of your traveling fun!

3. This next item is probably already in your everyday essentials and probably goes without saying. However I must add! I use these makeup removed towelettes everyday. They help to pre-remove my makeup before washing. I don't recommend using just these or just a facewash when taking off your makeup. I use these, and two face washes to help remove makeup! Makeup brands make that stuff to last, and that LAST thing you want to be doing is sleeping with makeup you thought you removed

4. Speaking of sleep.. I cannot do without my sleep gummies! These babies come in handy when getting on a long plane ride and trying to adjust to time change!

5. What good are sleep gummies without a sleep mask! Slip Eye mask is my favorite! Helps keep all your skin products on your face instead of absorbing into the fabric. Also helps to reduce friction and static on your hair! Silk pillows are also the best for your hair!

6. Now that your skin is prepped and sleep is covered let us talk hair! My favorite shampoo and conditioner duo to take on vacation is Nourish by Biolage. My hair always seems to be more dry when I leave home so I try to over compensate and beat the problem with my haircare routine on the road! This R.A.W. duo always works amazing for my trips!

7. Cant pack a bag without toothpaste! And my favorite is Marvis!

8. Last things I pack in my bag are my go to quick beauty products! Last thing I want to be on vacation is high maintenance… (okay ANY MORE high maintenance then I normally am! lol) So I use a tinted moisturizer over a foundation. For one I want extra sunscreen coverage without that heavy coverage that may sweat off depending on what the day might bring! Laura Mercier has the absolute best tinted moisturizer!! BEST!

9. After I have applied my tinted moisturizer and let it sink into my skin I use this MAC contour kit. Super easy to pack and all in one container. I can use this to fill in my brows, as eyeshadow, contour, and blush! Although at home I have many different items I use, on vacation you want to bring as little as possible and something you can use for everything

10. Lastly.. I add on my favorite Sugar Rose by fresh to help keep my lips hydrated while on the go. It has the best tint to it! I will sometimes apply this at night as well if my lips are more chapped then usual

I hope this rundown of my must pack beauty essentials will help on your next travel adventure! Feel free to click on each photo to better help you shop!