10 Beauty Tips Just Using A Toothbrush

Stop! Don’t throw away that old toothbrush! Don’t throw away the one the dentist gave you. Even though you use an electric one, there are so many uses you may not even know about! Using a toothbrush has helped me with beauty tips and tricks, to cleaning the laundry room and the whole house. Those little bristles that get around your teeth are so great at getting around lots of other little small spots you need as well!


Beauty Hacks!

1. Helping exfoliate your lips by adding lip balm and brush, this will help to remove all the dead skin you have.

2. Calming baby hairs! You may have just teased your hair and are ready for the town, but those baby hairs are popping up!! Spray your tooth brush with some hairspray and help settle them down.

3. Brows! Don’t put the hairspray down just yet! Spray it on the toothbrush again and brush your brows into place. This will secure them and help to not move throughout the day, giving nice full brows.

4. Cuticles, adding a little oil on your cuticles and letting soak in for a minute then brushing helps exfoliate them and remove any dead cuticle.

5. De-lint your hair dryer!! In the back of your dryer where hair is supposed to circulate lint forms and can cause your dryer to die earlier and can even cause fires or shorts. Using a toothbrush to remove lint every so often will help your dryer live a long life!

6. Create Volume! Lifting hair and using your tooth brush right at the base of your scalp will help add texture and volume to your hair.

7. Remove Self Tanner!! In a bowl mix together water, lemon juice and baking soda, making a paste. Dip your toothbrush in and start scrubbing on the tanner you wish to remove. The toothbrush is soft enough on your skin but will be tough enough to remove the spots.

8. De-clump Mascara. After a whole year old mascara tubes can get clumpy. Using your toothbrush to remove clump from your wand will help to remove this! (Another tip is to add eye drops into your tube to help liquify it again)

9. Slick Buns! Ever put your hair in a slick bun but it just wont happen because your hair is flying all over? Spray some hairspray on your hair and use the brush to tame down all your hair and create the perfect slicked bun!

10. Washing Bangs! When I used to have bangs I would always hate how they would get oily before the rest of my hair. To help this I would start off by pulling the rest of my hair back and leave my bangs out. Next I would wet my bangs and put a little shampoo onto the toothbrush. Then scrub your hair at the base and massage onto the rest of the bang. Rinse and blow dry like regular!


I hope these toothbrush tricks helped you in your next beauty crisis! Do you have any other beauty tips using just a toothbrush? Let me know! I always love learning new things!

Xo, Amanda Warren


The importance of Beauty sleep from My Mom

Over the years I am sure I have caused my mom to loose her share of beauty sleep. From when I was a new born crying all night (although she swears I was the best baby and slept through the whole night i’m sure I wasn’t as perfect as she makes me seem). To the high school years when I would come home late to curfew, with her still up praying I was okay. She hopefully rests a little easier now that I am an adult and live right behind her. Although, I know mama’s will always worry about their babies. I now have something to help ease her mind and sleep more restfully.

Luna Nectar sent me their Anti-stress and Sleep Magnesium Oil and I have been using it like crazy!! Just 3-5 sprays and I feel so relaxed by the amazing smell. It is shown to help decrease stress and anxiety induce sleep, address aches and pains and elevate mood. If it even did one of these I would be over the moon! However I can really see the difference in all of them. Magnesium is the first thing you loose when stressed. When you are at a lack of Magnesium this can cause depression, back aches, head aches and brain fog. Applying to your skin is the fastest and best way to absorb. infused with aloe Vera and lavender this oil is sure to have you sleeping like a non crying baby! (if they really do exist!) Click here to get your hands on some!


Tip from Mom on Beauty before sleep: Vitamin E. Apply to your feet hands elbows and knees before sleep to help keep moisturized, soft and reduce signs of aging.


Latest 5 things I Cant Live Without!

With so many new products and trends hitting the market everyday, its no wonder my skin care and beauty routines are changing constantly. I enjoy trying them all.. and I always love to report my findings. These are my 5 latest favs and why I love them!


Moon Boost Lash & Brow Enhancing Serum by Luna Nectar

I am an eyelash extension junky and I am not afraid to admit it.. now that I have my lash boost serum. I apply this easy to use serum nightly on my lashes and my one eyebrow that is a little lower than the other. Within weeks of using it I had so much less brow to fill in and my lashes were full of sprouts. Sparse lashes and brows can be a result of many things; cancer (radiation therapy), thyroid disorder, and the natural aging process. Not able to prevent these causes the only alternative is to find a product that will help with a solution. The Moon Boost Serum is rich in essential fatty acids that will help lock in moisture to help supplement and encourage longer, fuller lashes and brows!

Other ways to help protect lashes and brows are being sure to remove your makeup before bed and making sure to take your vitamins and minerals. For more info and product click here.


VII Code - O2M Oxygen Eye Mask For All Night Repair

Who doesn’t want to go to sleep and wake up looking well rested. Seems easy right? Yeah.. we all know a great night of sleep doesn't always show on the outside. These 8 hour under eye pads are so easy to use and the first of their kind that have been okayed for this long of use. They left me feeling moisturized and instantly reduced my quickly increasing fine lines. They also have eye masks for dark circles that will help increase the blood flow and boost oxygen. This line is sure to help all your under eye needs and leave you feeling like you just spent the day at the spa. For more info and product click here.


Clean Skin Club - Clean Wipes

The number one thing I loved about these face cleaning wipes was that they were two times as big! This is hugely important when taking your makeup off, especially when you have a full day of makeup! I also love the fact that they are paraben, and fragrance and alcohol free. Clean is not only in the name of their cleaning wipes but the fact that the whole line Is for cleaning and keeping your skin clean. I love the cleaning wipes along with their clean towels, clean swabs and so many other great products to keep your skin CLEAN and clear! For more info and products click here


Celery Juice

I recently started drinking celery juice every morning on an empty stomach, then after waiting 20 minutes to eat or drink anything else. I first started this to help my skin. Its no secret I suffer from acne, and if you follow me on the gram I am always talking about it. After turning 30 I started to not only suffer from this but was also having allergic reactions from the use of Salacilic Acid products. After juicing for nearly 3 weeks now my skin is not only on its way to a speedy recovery, but my mood is happier, I’m much less tired. Honestly, starting your day out with vegetables is a sure fire way to be on the road to a successful day! For more information on celery juice head to www.medicalmedium.com for my favorite juicers look here, here, and here.


Dermalogica PreCleanse

This is one of my new great loves! I honestly get excited about using it! The smell is amazing and I can feel it cleaning deeply into my pours as I use it. Before I found this product I was double washing my face. I would start with a clean wipe, then one face wash and then another to make sure to get all the products I had from the day off my skin. Along with the day’s products there are many environmental chemicals we can often pickup. In December I switched out the first face wash with precleanse and I have never been more happier. It not only cleanses the skin, but it smells great and helps nourish it. Trust me you wont be sorry you tried this! Pick yours up here .


Thank you so much for checking out my 5 new favorite beauty items! Let me know below if this is helpful to you! Also, let me know what I should doing next! Xo, Amanda