Apple Pops - The Perfect Fall Treat

Fall is coming and apples are dropping off the trees. Which means I had to come up with more ways to eat them at the rate we are getting them. This is the perfect Fall treat for school, Halloween, and fun fall parties! They are perfect on a tray for a party or wrapped up in a silicon bag to give out as a favor.


Photos below will show the step-by-step details for how to get your pops made just right!

  1. Decide on toppings and get everything you need

  2. Tap 2 dowels just offsetting the center of apples. Using a hammer is the easiest way.

  3. Cut the outer sides and then the insides closer to the middle (this is the easiest way)

  4. Lay out apple slices on paper towels to get rid of any juices from apples

  5. Prep toppings and melt chocolate

  6. Dip apples into chocolate and lay on parchment paper

  7. Sprinkle toppings onto each apple

  8. Place in fridge until chocolate hardens

  9. Enjoy!!



White Chocolate Melts, Melted

Aprati Espresso Candies Crushed


Dark Chocolate Melts, Melted

Sea Salt

Aprati Caramel Candies Crushed


Dark Chocolate Melts, Melted

Crushed Walnuts

Crushed Aprati Caramel Candies

I really enjoyed making these and i know they will be a fun treat as we get into the holiday season! There are so many different flavors you can make! Butterfinger, pumpkin spice, marble, peppermint, and the list goes on and on! I hope you enjoyed this idea/recipe too! Let me know if you create it, and be sure to tag me in your posts!

Xo, Amanda Warren


The Perfect Party Favor

This year my Christmas gift to my clients is the best party favor I just had to share! I made my favorite festive popcorn and wrapped it up in the perfect customizable bags from Zazzle.

Snapseed (1).jpg

White Chocolate Popcorn Recipe


  • 2 bags of Orville butter movie theater popcorn

  • 1 bag of Wilton white melt chocolate

  • Wilton red and green melt chocolates (or whatever colors go with your theme)

  • Salt

  • Sprinkles (in the theme and colors of desire)


  • Pop popcorn as instructed on packaging and place in large bowl.

  • Place white chocolate in a microwave safe bowl. Heat for one minute, stir. Heat for 30 min and continue to stir until well melted.

  • Drizzle on Popcorn and blend well until evenly distributed.

  • Take a pan with edging and line with waxed paper. Evenly lay out popcorn mixture and sprinkle with salt (as little or as much as desired)

  • Melt chocolate colors in bowl in the same way. Put into pipping bag (I have linked below) and drizzle over popcorn mixture.

  • Sprinkle the fun and bright sprinkles over everything. Let cool and harden for 1 hour, or 10 min in fridge. Break apart and enjoy!


Supplies You Will Need