Mothers Day with Biolage - Deep Treatment Packs

If you follow me on my blog or the gram for long enough then you probably know I am a hairdresser. What you may not know is my mom also went to school to do hair. She first wanted to be an instructor and then decided it wasn’t for her. Even though she didn’t pursue a career in hair and went another way, she still always did my hair in braids all throughout my childhood, and she even did my hair for my school dances! It was always so fun having a halo braid in the middle of the week with no particular place to go! She always did great styles and helped showed me the importance of great hair care!

Now, flash forward a few decades and I am the one showing her the latest hair care and styles. One constant staple in our lives has always been Biolage products. We’ve used them forever and have always loved their products results. Nothing has changed with their new Deep Treatment Packs, we are still obsessed and love every smell.

These treatment packs come in 3 different treatments; Hydrasource, Colorlast, and Smoothproof. I have used all 3 and am obsessed with them all! Hydrasource is great for dry hair, giving you 2x more nourishment. Leaving hair with visible touchable softness. ColorLast Pack is my favorite. Leaving your hair 3x stronger, preventing damage, tangled ends, and color fading! All things I need!! The last pack is Smoothproof, this is my moms favorite! This leaves hair 8 TIMES, yes 8x, more smoother. Also helps tame frizz and gives upto 70% less breakage! Each pack is so incredible.

Each pack will last you 1 month giving you 1 treatment a week. They are the highest concentration giving you immediate and long lasting results. These treatment packs absorb into the hair cuticle, where as a conditioner sits ontop of the hair strand. This sets their product apart from other regular conditioners. Scroll to the bottom to see Mama Helen’s haircare tip!


Tip from Mom on Hair: Use a tooth brush & hairspray to get flyaway hairs and finish your style. Also use them to brush eyebrows into place (shes been doing this before eyebrow gels came out and I actually like doing this better!)

Biolage Oil Renew & The Porosity of Your Hair

First things first...What is porosity in hair? Do you have porous hair? Hair porosity is your hair's ability to absorb and retain moisture. It is affected by the flexible outer hair layer called the cuticle, which determines how easily moisture and oils pass in and out of your hair. Visible symptoms that your hair is porous are that it takes forever to dry, feels rough when dry, and is totally frizzy.

Are you feeling these symptoms? Biolage new oil renewal might be the right option for you.


Biolage Advanced oil renew system will replenish and protect the hair cuticles which will lock in moisture to help your hair feel less porous. The first step is to shampoo to wash away a full day of hair pollutants such as dirt and build up that will get your hair ready for step two. Step two is conditioning. This will help to lock in the moisture your hair has been dying for. Lastly, the oil..this product is great! I really love to "cocktail" together the oil with my other styling products to help give my hair that added moisture it needs. 

Throughout the year my hair goes through changes. Just like a diet our body needs different foods at different times. The same goes for your hair. Whether you have changed the color of your hair, been swimming in the pool a little too much this summer, or just need to give your hair a little more attention for those porous ends, Biolage Advanced Oil Renew is a great option to help your hair quench that thirst it needs!


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