Laundry Worth Fighting Over

Starting in high school my Mom and I often wore similar sizes, so I found myself borrowing her clothes all the time. Even though I totally had more than enough of my own clothes! (Mama’s take care of their babies) She seemed to act like she didnt mind much except I wouldn’t really wash them the way she wanted and probably took care of them far less than she would. Now, flash forward about a decade and I live in the house behind her, and we still share clothes, and she’s STILLL telling me how to wash them! As a nice bartering gift I decided we both deserved a nice laundry caddy and that we could both put them to good use! Clevermade has the best bags! We always use them for errand running, as well as work and pleasure. From on sight weddings i’m doing hair for (see previous post here) to over night travel! When I saw they had collapsible laundry bags I had to get my hands on them! You can see in the photos below the bag collapses down flat for easy storage and when in use has snaps on the sides that keep it sturdy! These are the best bags ever!! Shop all Clevermade here. Be sure to scroll down to the bottom to see Mama Helen’s laundry tip!


Tip from Mom on Laundry: Use Dawn dish soap if you get grease or oil on your clothing! It will help cut the grease and remove the stain.