White and Gold Modern Bathroom Remodel

Since moving into our home we have remodeled essentially the entire house. We have done the kitchen and laundry room, the flooring, the landscaping in the front and back yards, and now we finished our second remodeled bathroom the master bath. I’d love to say I am now an expert at what to expect when doing a remodel, but the truth is you never can know what to expect. One thing I have learned though it all is it will usually be twice as long as you expected and double your budget.

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This remodel was no different! Everything I wanted for it was always more expensive and hard to find! However, this time I was ready for it, and didn’t rush anything or stress myself out. Our faucets were a little more expensive, and the shower head to match was impossible to get shipped to California because of the drought issue (even though it didn’t come with a valve that controlled the water regulation.) Three weeks later and a few phone calls to my contractor to help find just what I wanted, we had it here and installed!

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Next step were the counter tops. We had to visit a few places because they all said they couldn’t get me the quartz Calcutta Gold I wanted, for the small size I wanted. Home Depot could get it for me but I had to spend a minimum of 1,500 for a small countertop. I was ready to spend it, when.. my contractor’s countertop guy found one in Bakersfield! This is an hour drive from me but a quick stop on our way home from Disneyland!

Incase you are wondering why I wanted this countertop so badly its because we have quartz in our kitchen that we did back in 2013 before it was as popular and I have been obsessed with it. I cut right on it and use food coloring along with other wear and tear, and it never stains and leaves a scratch. Flash forward to 2017 and I had to have the marble look in our guest bathroom. It was the worst choice ever! It was scratched before our bathroom was even finished (poor choice in contractors) and cannot be polished out. I have talked to several countertop specialists. It probably wouldn’t be noticeable to anyone who visits but I know, and knowing means that that's all you’ll see everytime you go in there now. So, now 2 years later I still wanted that marble look but without the upkeep and having to be extremely careful with it. So we went with quartz again and found a gorgeous tile to match!

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Now the bathroom was all done and I needed to decorate. Joanna Gains and Target came in handy having affordable and adorable pieces to finish it off! Let’s face it, after the rest of that remodel some affordable décor was welcomed LOL. Another little touch was some of the cutest toilet paper from No. 2, which I now have in my guest bathroom as well! So cute!!

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I hope this helps with your next bathroom remodel and doesn’t discourage you in one bit! Although there will always be a few bumps in the road, its always worth the drive!

Happy Remodeling, Amanda Warren