Orange, The Color Of Fall

The official first day of Fall has arrived and I have already been having a major obsession with the color orange. I think the “Fall” feels will last right up until December 1st, maybe longer. I’m just loving all the shades and styles that have come out and how they look with the now crisp morning air. Not sure where you all live but where I am from it doesn’t really feel like Fall until late October. The mornings, however, can be crisp and I am currently living for them! Here’s a list of my favorite orange vibes that will be sure to get me through until December.

1 - Wedding Orange

The color you want to wear to a wedding without the bride asking you to move out of the line of photos because you may ruin her shot. Gorgeous, subtle and perfect for all those October weddings.


2 - Mustard Orange

The perfect color for day time events and from transitioning from Summer to Fall. I paired it here with a pair of jeans and small heel. Also loved this print in the two dresses that I’ll tag below, so cute layered with a sweater incase it gets chilly.

3 - Sweater Dresses

Currently seeing them EVERYWHERE! As well as sweaters layered with a sweater material skirt. The skirt was on trend this Summer and I really don’t think it will be making its exit anytime soon! I have personally been a fan of the sweater dress for many years, and with my pear shape it always accentuated my curves in all the right places. Adding a belt bag like I did below also will help those needing to add a little more accentuation in the waist or hide the pasta you had for lunch (haha)! Loving the burnt orange color on this dress as well, and you can dress it up or down, allowing it to work for a gorgeous October wedding!

4 - Orange With A Print

This dress is amazing! Spell and the Gypsy really make quality pieces that are worth the pricetag. They have the smallest little dotted details all over with amazing fabric and gorgeous prints! I added a belted bag again because its a loose flowy dress that would overwhelm my short frame, so adding the bag brought in my waist and gave it definition! I’m tagging a few other fun pieces below that will be perfect for Fall and bring you all the orange love!


Linked below are the items I wore in photos above and others that are similar and just as gorgeous! Thank you for reading my newest blog post! Happy Fall and happy shopping!

Xo, Amanda