Teeth Whitening for Coffee Stains

A smile has always been the first thing I notice on someone. The happiness and glow in a person’s face when they smile really opens them up to you. It also can be a quick glimpse into their personal hygiene as well as leave evidence of a coffee or red wine fan. The last few years I haven’t done any at home whitening and my teeth were starting to show that. I was in need of some extra care and that’s when I turned to Smile Brilliant.

The ease of using this product was so great! First they ship you a box with all the essentials to mold your teeth so that you have the perfect mold that is easy to use. After sending it back to them and in no time you get back your whitening trays that fit your teeth like a glove. The whitening trays make it even easier for you to whiten. It feels like you barely have anything in your mouth, in fact one time I almost forgot!

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Now that you have your trays its an easy 2 part session to whiten your teeth each time. First you use the whitening syringe and inject it into your top and bottom trays. You can leave them on from 45min to 3 hours. I started out at 45 min because I was so worried about sensitivity. In the past my teeth have been so sensitive from other whitening trays. Smile Brilliant has been so great and my sensitivity hasn’t been an issue. This is probably because of step 2.

Step 2 is another syringe full of desensitizing gel. You apply this up to 20 min after you whiten. That’s all! Its really that simple. After you finish the 20 min just brush your teeth and enjoy your day or night, depending on when you apply it! I normally like to do this treatment in the evening while I’m catching up on my latest shows.

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