Tutorials to help simplify hair styling. From everyday beach waves to formal styles for your next wedding, I break down how to achieve the look you are longing for.


Beach waves No Braids

Here is an easier way to get those overnight beach waves without having to braid. Using Biolage Airdry Glotion spray in hair, start off by sectioning hair into four. Twist into tight little buns. Make sure to twist away from your face so your curls will go in the pattern you desire (or towards the face if this is what you are looking for). Use two bobby pins crossing each other to secure each section. Get a goodnight sleep and wakeup ready to go!

Simple Crown Updo

Looking for a fun and different way to style your hair up? Here is one way to do a fun crown braid using Biolage Texture Spray. Section hair into two and spray texture spray. Braid hair and pull to deconstruct the braids. Overlap braids, insure to cover elastic bands and bobby pins. Leave a few pieces of hair out to create a lived In look (curled as desired). There you have it! Fun, easy and new!

Braiding Style for Beachwaves

In this tutorial I am using Biolage Airdry Glotion for maximum hold with light weight texture. This helps to give you those overnight beach waves without heat! Start by sectioning hair in two parts. Then spray hair and begin to braid. Leave overnight and take out in the morning for beautiful waves that slowly become looser as the days go by. I typically go 4-5 days when I blow my hair out but when letting it airdry I will be lucky to go 3. With Biolage airdry glotion my hair reached that 5 day mark, and lets face it, every single day counts!

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